Ted Pella Inc. Ted Pella Inc.
Ted Pella, Inc is the premier supplier of quality consumables and specimen preparation tools for SEM, TEM, AFM/SPM and light microscopy.
Evans Analytical Group Evans Analytical Group
We provide global analytical services focused on surface analysis and materials characterization. We also provide the broadest range of electronic testing services to help bring your products to market.
Quanta Scanning Electron Microscope
The FEI Quanta line includes six variable-pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEMâ„¢) and two ...
Spare Parts
We supply Spare parts for all furnace equipment including the custom designed refractory shapes. We ...
LabPulse H2850 - Microwave Processor
Applications: * Microwave-assisted fixation * Microwave tissue processing * TEM infiltration/embedding * Dehydration * Infiltration ...
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