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CompuTherm LLC, a spin-off company from University of Wisconsin-Madison, was established in 1996. The original focus of the company is to develop software and databases for thermodynamic and phase diagram calculation. Its current capability has gone beyond phase diagrams. The Pandat software and thermodynamic databases for numerous alloy systems developed by CompuTherm are currently used by hundreds of users worldwide.

In addition to the phase diagram calculation and optimization modules, precipitation module and diffusion module are currently being developed in the framework of Pandat software. CompuTherm thermodynamic databases cover Al, Ni, Ti, Mg, Fe, etc. based alloys. The mobility databases for a variety of alloy systems are also being developed. CompuTherm has collaborated with US government and industrial partners on many government sponsored projects in the past 18 years. It also develops tailor-made software and databases for specific applications, provides consulting services to materials industries and collaborates with other institutions working on challenging programs with potential commercial payoffs.