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Manufacturers of Bending, Torsion, Tension, Precracker and Rotating Beam Fatigue Test Machines.

IS IT IMPORTANT? Absolutely! An understanding of fatigue effects is CRITICAL to the design of devices and structures that may be subjected to cyclic loading during their lifetime. Historically, the method of dealing with fatigue has been to over design the part to lower the stress in the component, rather than attempt to test the material and determine the actual fatigue characteristics. While this may have been acceptable in the past, the emphasis today is on reducing weight, minimizing material usage, utilizing new materials (sometimes lacking physical characteristic data), and preventing product liability lawsuits, which all require a more scientific approach.

From Alcoa to NASA to Johnson & Johnson, for over 25 years, Fatigue Dynamics has provided the testing or the means to conduct the tests for fatigue testing will consistently accurate and reliable results. Results you can comfortably rely upon for your design and production process.