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Buzz-o-sonic is a professional system for measuring the dynamic elastic and damping properties of materials, using the impulse excitation technique (ping test). Buzz-o-sonic can be used to identify weak or defective parts also. It is the most cost effective and flexible instrument available. According to research conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, it is also one of the most precise.

Custom designed systems for QC/QA, high temperature and cryogenic measurements, and other applications are also available. Bars of uniform cross-section and discs can be tested as per ASTM E1876/C1259. Other shapes can be tested also. Testing Service available.

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We provide:

•Nondestructive testing equipment
•Nondestructive testing services
•Lease-to-own options on equipment
•Consulting services


BuzzMac International

We are a leader in the development and manufacture of nondestructive testing equipment based on the impulse-excitation technique.

Our headquarters are in Portland, ME, USA. The business is owned and operated by Dr. Paul Bosomworth. His background and over 30 years of experience in ceramic science and engineering has aided in the design of our Buzz-o-sonic nondestructive testing products to meet the most demanding needs of the materials science industries.

What we strive for:

Produce quality, state-of-the-art nondestructive testing equipment and services at competitive prices with unparalleled product support and customer service

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service. We work with our clients to get the best use out of Buzz-o-sonic. Several features/enhancements have been added over the years in response to customer feedback. Here are a few examples:

- added shapes (abrasives industry- short tubes, annular plates...)

- RS232 communication for shop-floor monitoring

- added flexural rigidity of tubes for paper industry

- provide pre-tested standard(s) (aluminum bar typically)

- added bone-shaped tensile bar shape for Lehigh University

- provide a Lab Kit as a teaching aid to universities