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MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, has now become the leading manufacturer of oxide crystals and substrates in the world, thanks to venture capital from Silicon Valley. MTI continues to develop new crystal substrates and maintain high quality of its single crystal substrates. MTI is equipped with the latest state of the art instruments, which allow achievement of the highest standard. We strive continuously to keep pace with customers’ increasing demands on super-smoothness, super-flatness, and super-cleanliness. In 2000, by popular demand, MTI started to manufacture precision bench-top machines for material processing, analysis, and crystal wafer containers.

MTI currently operates three production factories in China. This allows for the possibility of providing high quality and low cost precision machines for material research and R&D Labs, including: low speed cutting saw, wire diamond saw, auto polishing machine, high temperature oven, tube furnace, X-Ray crystal orientation machine, and Mini XRD, as well as complete set of equipments for research of rechargeable battery materials. Simple to operate, low cost, and commitment to our customers is our priority. MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for material lab.

MTI Corporation’s secured online store provides one stop shopping convenience for our customers with transparent price, so you can enjoy shopping directly online with 100% confidence and save time. MTI provides one year warranty and lowest price guarantee within the United States on all equipment: will match any US competitors’ equipment with same specification(s) and an additional discount of 5% on top. MTI ship products worldwide with majority of the customer base come from Universities, National Laboratories, and R&D group of companies…please click here to see MTI’s Existing Customers List. Again, thank you for visiting our website and supporting our business. If you have any questions, please contact us at