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Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC was founded by Oscar C. Wahl in 1921. The company has grown to be a recognized leader in manufacturing of precast shapes, refractory castables, mortars and plastics. Wahl is the innovator in utilizing steel fibers in castable with the development of Wire-N-Cast since 1970. Continued research efforts led to the development of the SIFCA® process, a method for producing precast shapes with a high volume percent of stainless steel fibers.

Today, Wahl manufactures over 100 brands of high quality precast shapes and refractories for field installations. Compositions include high aluminas, spinels, zirconias, fused silicas, silicon carbides and many abrasion resistance and alkaline resistant materials. Precast shapes range from very small to shapes over 30,000 pounds. Industries served include aluminum, steel, copper, foundry, mineral processing, waste incineration and chemicals.

Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC does not just sell refractories, we sell solutions. Backed by highly qualified research and development group and innovative engineering department, our experienced sales force has the expertise to find the right solution to your precast and refractory needs. Wahl offers full turnkey installations, repair or maintenance for any customer who wants to ensure the refractories have been installed according to their proper guidelines.

In 1996, Wahl was awarded ISO 9001 Certification. This certification culminated months of effort by all Wahl employees, reinforcing their dedication to quality. Since that time, Wahl has become recertified to the current standard (ISO 9001:2008).

Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC strives for excellence in providing innovative, high quality, reliably engineered and manufactured precast shapes and castable refractory products. A trusted business partner, Wahl delivers improved refractory performance and overall operating efficiency through tailored solutions to challenging problems. With expertise in refractory precast shapes and unmatched engineering capabilities, Wahl provides cost-effective and reliable solutions to refractory problems throughout the industrial world.