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An increasingly competitive marketplace puts a premium on your ability to do back flips if needed to meet changing customer needs. That means you'll need some pretty acrobatic suppliers yourself if you're going to stay competitive. At B&P Littleford, we've taken our traditional strengths in engineering high-precision, high-reliability machines with cradle-to-grave customer support and added a new dimension in responsiveness.We've become more nimble, more agile and faster. Instead of trying to keep up as your needs change, we're working to become the driving force of change itself. That means you're getting a supplier that's smart, perceptive, hard-working and quick on their feet.B&P has proven track records in many established markets and we're continually developing innovative technologies for new applications:- Bulk Chemicals- Specialty Chemicals- Pharmaceuticals- Waste and Water Treatment- Flue Gas Desulfurization- Thermoplastics Compounding- Powder Coatings, Toners- Hot-Melt Adhesives