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ALD - Synonym for Advanced Vacuum TechnologyALD is the leading global supplier of processes and services in the field of vacuum process technology. Core specialties of ALD are the development of processes and the design of plants, which are made to ALD's concept by partners in the supplier industry. ALD serves a demanding group of international customers with its branches in North America, Japan, Britain, Russia and more than 70 representative offices around the world.With its three technological specialties - vacuum metallurgy, vacuum heat treatment and vacuum thermal recycling -, ALD is a strong partner of important and growing branches of industry.The company's superior technologies contribute substantially to the driving innovation in six of the sunrise branches cited by the 1998 Delphi Study of the Fraunhofer Society. These are energy and resources; chemicals and new materials; information and communications; transportation and aerospace engineering as well as environmental engineering.A company of the AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N. V., Netherlands, Please mention you found us in the TMS online marketplace when calling!

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Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)

VAR is widely used to improve the cleanliness and refine the structure of standard air-melted or vacuum induction melted ingots, then called consumable electrodes. VAR steels and superalloys as well as titanium and zirconium and its alloys are used in a great number of highintegrity applications where cleanliness, homogeneity, improved fatigue and fracture toughness of the final product are essential. Aerospace, power generation, defense, medical and nuclear industries rely on the properties and performance of these advanced remelted materials.
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